Multipure headquarters in Las Vegas, NevadaAs independent distributors for Multipure water filtration systems #150274 our overriding concern is for you to  drink water that is clean and clear, without any toxic floatsomes that undermine your health. Our equal concern is that you spend your hard-earned money on a product that really gives you the best possible drinking water quality and gives it to you sustainably, every day at the highest quality via a life-time warranty.

The Multipure systems do that.

Imagine getting your drinking water conveniently located at the kitchen tap for about 9 cents per gallon.  Go ahead and fill up your to-go drinking water bottle for about 1 penny. You think you can save  some money here?.

Multipure water is not for drinking only; use it for cooking, washing your vegetables and salads, mixing juices and use it for ice. You will taste the difference, and so will your pets and plants.

This website will introduce you to the various Multipure water filter products and if you have questions you can get in touch with us and pick our brains, and/or  we recommend that you download our free e-book about what is important for you to consider before you open your wallet.  We want to make it easy for you to get what you need and can have peace of mind with your choice.

For now, go ahead and get that e-book to the right and find out what questions to ask before you make the investment in a drinking water system.


Briflodur_logott and Hans Mittemeijer
FLODUR ENTERPRISES Independent Distributor for Multipure since 1989 #150274
Winston-Salem, NC


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